NIJL Access Equipment for safe working at height

New access equipment and therefore a new brand: NIJL Access Equipment. With more than 55 years of experience in the aviation (with our brand NIJL Aircraft Docking), we discovered that our designs and platforms can contribute to a safe and ergonomic working environment in other markets and industries as wel. With our access solutions we ensure a safe working and ergonomic working environment for maintenance engineers and technicians while they are performing inspections and maintenance to any kind of equipment at height.

NIJL completely unburdens you from design to installation

Whether you are looking for an access solution from our standard line or a complete tailor-made platform, we take control from design to installation and all the stages in between to completely unburden you..

Our strenght is that we have our own in-house engineering team. They will find the access solution that perfectly fits your product and meets all your requirements. With every design we take into account:

  • Ease of use: lightweight equipment with optimal mix of steel and aluminium
  • Small footprint: all equipment takes little space
  • A perfect fit to your equipment: due to the flexible railing system and sliding floor panels
  • Global quality and safety standards

We deliver access equipment for the following industries:

We like to show you examples of products we develop:

Access platform for safe maintenance of air cooled coolers

In the enclosed image you will see a preview of a recently completed access platform for the inspection and maintenance of air cooled coolers for the heath exchange industry. Safety fences surround the platform, which implies that maintenance engineers don’t have to be secured or wear fall protection at the platform.